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My Story

  Creating, designing, and constructing has always been something I love to do.  I have had a passion for it for the past 15 years, and have been providing service and support to my friends and family for all their home repair needs.  My career for the past 18 years, has been to design and install custom Audio/Video systems and home networks.  For almost two decades, I have helped people find solutions for both simple and extremely complex situations within their home.  I’m very excited to finally put these two passions together into one business that can provide a more complete service for your home.   

Playground installation, backyard, swingset

 My family is deeply rooted in Berkshire county and we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  My wife and I love taking our two young boys to  the various playgrounds, lakes, and family events that are all around this area.  My family is the inspiration and motivation for creating this business especially my two boys. I want them to see that they can go where their hearts take them and be happy in what they do.


 Summit is your one stop shop for all your home improvement/building/repair needs. We aim to offer well done, efficient work at reasonable prices. Skilled in a wide variety of areas; be sure to contact us for a quote on your next project.